Help us fulfill our goals

·To offer a solid venue where young women from 18 to 25 years old from different provinces can enhance their personality, have more confidence, improve their public speaking and communication skills, be physically fit, and have self-discipline.

·To open doors and provide career and educational opportunities, not only for the winner, but also to all the young Filipino women who will participate.

·To form a special network of dedicated and like-minded organizations with common goals and objectives for maximum benefit to our country.

·To help the less fortunate in the community through livelihood and outreach programs as part of the Miss Tourism Philippines Pageant program

·To provide a positive alternative to the many destructive activities that lure our young Filipinos today.

·To promote Philippines as a major tourist destination and encourage visitors and investors to the Philippines

·To promote the involvement of contestants and title-holders in community service programs such as charities

Miss Tourism Philippines 2010 Beauty Pageant is more than just about beautiful young Filipino women competing for the title. The pageant assists and promotes the growth and development of the individual skills, self-esteem and provides a greater sense of worth for the nation's young women

We would like to thank the following sponsors: